Nicole Meyer lends her soft sexiness to cushion your stressful afternoon

Whenever I meet anybody new, a few things have to be said before they get a little creeped out by me. I like oatmeal cookies. I live in my mom's basement and when I'm not writing glorified, Nobel Peace Prize worthy articles on fine ladies, I play Dungeons and Dragons and World of Warcraft in an epic simultaneous craze. I also really, really love stumbling upon pictures of insanely sexy hotties...
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Rihanna might as well be nude for her fashion icon award

In case being nude in print wasn't good enough for her fans, singer Rihanna went the nearly nude route for the red carpet when she attended the Counsel of Fashion Designers of America to receive her Fashion Icon award. The see-through backless dress that RiRi rocked was custom made by designer Adam Selman and wwas comprised of a total of 216,000 Swarovski crystals, all adding up to visible...
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Dammit Kim Kardashian, why do you have to look so hot?

Ugh, it would be so much easier if Kim Kardashian's looks matched the emptiness of her personality, but dammit, that's just not the case. Woman is all kinds of bangable in those garters. Kim is flaunting her fat ass in Factice magazine this month, along with the slaughter of small animals for decoration. She better be careful, some PETA psycho is going to douse her in red paint for her...
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