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New Yellow Power Ranger Becky G was busty, adorkable at NYCC

I really know very little about singer, sometimes actress and the new Yellow Ranger in the upcoming POWER RANGERS movie, Becky G , but I already like her tons. After her flashy but short appearance on Empire , I wanted to seek her out but it looks as if Hollywood had the idea before me, for once. The Latina cutie was on hand at New York Comic Con 2016, making faces at those who had come to...
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Lea Seydoux is all sexy couture for Spectre's Amsterdam premiere

I know that we're all supposed to be bowing at the feet of Monica Bellucci when the new Bond movie, SPECTRE drops but I'm more a fan of the other ladies in the series, returning hottie Naomie Harris and new French addition, Lea Seydoux . I might be bit biased because Lea is freer with the nudity (if you ever want to see a wide range of just how bad Photoshop hackjobs can be, Google...
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Jessica Hart has a gap in her teeth, if you can overlook her awesome Aussie body to find it

I like me some good looking Australian chicks. I also used to think that Lauren Hutton was the most glamourous woman I'd ever seen, spawning from her being the vamp who preyed on Jim Carrey in ONCE BITTEN. So when I caught onto these images of Aussie model, Jessica Hart as she posed for Maxim Australian to introduce herself as the latest Victoria's Secret Angel, I was hooked. Sure, she's got...
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