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Victoria's Secret new blood Blanca Padilla looks like a winner

Victoria's Secret is in the midst of launching their new line of sexy shit for the ladies, as is the case come every imminent change in the season. This year is a little different though, as they seem to be bringing up all kinds of new blood to give their new fashions a fresh look. One of the lovely ladies they've brought on to give their wares a new polish is Spanish model Blanca...

Abigail Ratchford shows off her heart-shaped box

I would imagine that for any man with a woman like Abigail Ratchford in his life, Valentine's Day probably carries more of a significance than for most other guys. Not necessarily because the day is any less annoying. I'm sure he was just as compelled to acquiesce to all the requisite retail purchases as the rest of us. Having Abigail as your girl makes that day great just for promise of...

Emma Stone in this Cabaret outfit is her new hotness high

I'm trying to think of Emma Stone's hottest moments. There are a couple movies where she showed some skin, but they were both ruined by the fact that Ryan Gosling insisted in being with her in those scenes. I just can't stomach that guy for some reason. Emma has also done some pretty sexy spreads in magazines and whatnot. I don't know, maybe I'm overlooking something, but I think her look in...

Emma Stone mixes her usual cuteness with some new hotness

Suddenly everybody is out doing the promotional bit for their new movies. We've already seen a bit of Emma Stone spreading around the adorable for BIRDMAN in the last few days. Last night she was doing her thing on Fallon, which I'm kind of sorry I missed now that I see some of these still pics of her appearance. I guess they got into some therapy at some point? I'll have to look that up....

More Barbara Palvin is my new year's resolution

Many of our attention spans were monopolized in 2012 by those hotties who exploded onto the scene out of nowhere during the year, or became huge after spending some time in the minor leagues. Then you got those ladies who sort of got lost in the shuffle and only entered many folks' fields of vision relatively late in the game or not at all. Barbara Palvin seems to have done the latter for...

Dammit Kim Kardashian, why do you have to look so hot?

Ugh, it would be so much easier if Kim Kardashian's looks matched the emptiness of her personality, but dammit, that's just not the case. Woman is all kinds of bangable in those garters. Kim is flaunting her fat ass in Factice magazine this month, along with the slaughter of small animals for decoration. She better be careful, some PETA psycho is going to douse her in red paint for her...

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