Kaley Cuoco will be there, butt she's got to gas up first

When Kaley Cuoco is not busy being on shows or red carpets or sidewalks with drinks, she's riding her horse. So often is she mounting her large, brown friend, that TMZ probably has a guy waiting around at some LA stable just to capture shots of Kaley doing various show jumping stuff. Normally such moments elicit little more than yawns, but yesterday was a different story,...

It's Mandy Moore's turn to get attacked while looking hot pumping gas

I love to see when a plan comes together. After selling Mandy Moore a car a few weeks ago, I calculated exactly when she would run out and stop at a gas station. How I knew exactly what gas station she was going to go to and at what time, I can't tell. I can't be spilling out ALL my secrets. Anyway, I paid a homeless man five bucks to wait and take pictures of her with my camera and damn,...

Natalie Portman services her car and pumps it up real good

While I can easily say that Natalie Portman is still one of my favorite hotties, pictures that I've been seeing of her recently (including these) make me a little sad inside. She seems really thin and these pictures make it seem like she's been sad face for a while now. She looks very discontent and vulnerable. I suppose when the gas pump weighs about ten pounds more than you do,...

Ashley Tisdale is caught turning it up and pumping it unleaded, maybe

I never really realized how lucrative it must be to chill at a convenience store with your high grade camera and just wait until celebrities come to pump gas. Not only will you be the coolest kid in school and end up having a few passer by-s give some spare change to your loitering ass, but every now and then, you'll get hotties like Ashley Tisdale coming to do what the rest of us so...

Anyone curious about the state of Natalie Portman's ass?

After all, Natalie Portman's ass has endured a lot of potentially damaging behavior over the last few years. First off, she got married, which tends to do a number on the female body once they become contented with their new, more permanent relationship situation and decide to ease up on their workout routine. Then she had a kid, which can also balloon up the backside. Finally, she entered...

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