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Ali Larter can simultaneously pump gas and look sexy. Success pose!

Most of the time I come across pictures of celebrities pumping gas, they're usually not giving a shit and trying to get in and out as quickly as possible. Today, however, Ali Larter is giving us something a little bit different and I think the world, as a whole, is better for it. Who knows what's going on here? Whether she's stretching or doing some interpretive dance or just giving the...
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Selena Gomez pumps and pumps away in a sexy black dress

Another day, another Selena Gomez post. Not like I'm complaining, or anything. Seriously, it seems that everyday goes by, Selena gets THAT much hotter. A few years ago, she was maybe at a 61.04867% on the Hot-O-Meter, the results of which I gather with my special Hottie At Home Statistics Kit. Now, though, she's at a 73.86277% on the Hot-O-Meter and again, it looks like there's...
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