Top 6 Hotties in Glasses (video)

How did hotties in glasses get to be so sexy? Such things used to be an instant boner killer, reducing the wearer to something not unlike a plague carrier. Fast forward to the present day, where any girl in a set of horn rims is the hottest one in the place. Times do change. Now all the fine women can't wait until their eyesight goes so they too can run out and get a prescription for...
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Meg Turney & Jessica Nigri show off their excellent cosplayer butt cleavage

I realize some of you might be a little iffy on who Meg Turney and Jessica Nigri are. Those of a geek persuasion will probably know very well who they are. Basically, they're the ones who walk around at major Comic Con events dressed like sexy anime characters you've never heard of, while being tailed by a crowd of sweaty geeks working up the courage to ask for a selfie. It's a dubious...
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Hayden Panettiere mixes her geek chic with a little see thru sexy

At first I was a little surprised when Hayden Panettiere's Nashville series got resurrected for another season after getting cancelled by ABC. That doesn't happen very often and I can think of a few other shows I'd deem far more worthy of resurrection than that one. But then I remembered who stars in Nashville and the whole thing became clear. Hayden's got the drawing power big time....
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Meg Turney's beautiful bod is something everyone can geek out about

I'm sure there are plenty of you who have no idea who Meg Turney is or what she does. The internet being a vast land with all sorts of esoteric interests being served, it's not hard at all for someone to fall into a niche of interest - even someone as hot as Meg. Suffice it to say that she's what one might call a geek pinup girl. She's done various news shows, frequently related to various...
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Face Off: Molly Quinn vs. Katherine McNamara

I figured Eva Green would get the lion's share of votes in last week's Face Off , and I was right. Despite that, I still feel like Elizabeth Gillies brings the freshness factor in a big way. Liz also seems to be a lot easier to find outside of her movies and shows and whatnot, which makes my job easier. In honor of Molly Quinn's 23rd birthday this week, we're celebrating the...
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Playboy lite has geek hottie Naomi Kyle show off some sexy booty

The new PG-13 version of Playboy has been compensating for its sad loss of bared T&A by doing their best to recruit more familiar hotties who might not have otherwise done a Playboy shoot. I suspect this was the whole point in going tame, since it's kind of hard to find mainstream or pseudo mainstream hotties willing to get naked for a magazine anymore. In that vein we were recently presented...
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Molly Quinn and her redheaded brilliance need a new gig

I can't honestly feel too much remorse for the cancellation of Molly Quinn's Castle show. To be perfectly honest, I'm probably a small part of the problem there, as I long ago stopped watching it. What can I say? You grow out of shows and concepts after awhile. When I reach the point where it's more interesting to browse the web when a show is on, rather than to actually sit and watch...
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Maitland Ward finally starts showing off proper

There have been indications lately on Maitland Ward's various social media profiles that the busty nerd pinup girl is finally getting around to letting those frequently shown off titties of hers out into the daylight. Up until recently, it was mostly barely covered pics and the occasional see thru wet t-shirt. In the last few months, however, we've seen a nipple pop out here and there,...
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Danica McKellar was at her usual ageless hottie best on NYC streets

You know what the worst feeling in the world is? Having a cold when it's 100+ degrees outside. The combination of a miserable body stuck in miserable heat is just awful. Such is my fate on this Friday. Yet, as shitty as this is, I do feel a little bit better now that we've got some new Danica McKellar pics. She's been making me feel better for decades now and shows no sign of slowing...
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Leave it to Maitland Ward to inject the sexy into Star Wars Day

I was kinda bummed we didn't get any special STAR WARS goodness for May the 4th. Not surprised really, but still sorta disappointed. They could have at least thrown us an expanded ROGUE ONE trailer or something. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to settle for The RiffTrax guys doing their riffing on FORCE AWAKENS tonight. Maitland Ward also give this day of days for STAR WARS fans a little...
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Face Off: Star Wars Fan Edition - Emma Stone vs. Anna Kendrick

Karen Gillan had the redhead fans on her side, as opposed to Sophie Turner in our previous Face Off . Tough one, but as things go now, I really enjoy Karen. She seems like a fun, enjoyable person. Sophie I don't know quite as well, but still hope to get to know better in years to come. Well, here we are folks. Only days away from STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. It sure has been a...
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Molly Quinn goes from being a figurative sexy angel to a literal one

I'll come clean and admit that I don't watch Castle . There's no point in it for me. 5 minutes into any episode I'd just start lamenting the loss of Firefly and end up rewatching that show for the 4000th time, getting myself all worked up into a mouth-foaming rage in the process. And no one here wants to see or hear that nonsense again. Keeping my geek rage in check does come with some...
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