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Face Off: Emmy Rossum vs. Lauren Cohan

It was a landslide win for Alice Eve over her opponent Sienna Miller in last week's Face Off . Sounds right to me. They're both lovely English roses, but I think Alice smells a little sweeter. That didn't come out right. Last week I finally got caught up with all the TV episodes I've missed, although doing that has me a little worried now. I didn't realize I watched so much stuff...
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Katheryn Winnick brought her mighty Viking powers to the geeks

And the goodies from the San Diego Comic Con keep trickling in. I've grown to really like Katheryn Winnick over these past few months that she's been appearing in public to promote her role on "Vikings," one of those cable shows that I haven't gotten around to watching yet. While I was opposed to seeing her with Booth when she did her short reoccurring stint on "Bones," one of the other...
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Face Off: Kaley Cuoco vs. Katrina Bowden

Angelina Jolie triumphed over Jennifer Aniston by a decisive vote count in the previous Face Off . That's good. Angelina might have her issues, but she's still the better choice between these two. Seeing how well she and Brad get along, it looks he made the right choice. Kaley Cuoco and Katrina Bowden are both popular sitcom actresses. At least, that's what I hear. Not being...
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