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New MILF Mila Kunis looked fit and fabulous in white for Gemfields

Technically, Mila Kunis isn't as new of a MILF as others. Mila gave birth to her daughter 8 months ago but since we've seen very little of the actress as she's adjusted to parental life (I'm assuming that she spends more time corralling Ashton than she does with Wyatt), it's almost as if the plastic wrap just got taken off of the mommy bewbs. Kunis is a spokesmodel for...
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Mila Kunis is ready for her black and white behind-the-scenes closeup

I'm a simple man with simple tastes, so seeing things like boobies and booties and all things normally covered up by clothing makes me totally happy. This photoshoot is a lot classier, though. They aren't interested in things like that, but concentrating on the sheer beauty of Mila Kunis , they totally do good things with these pictures. I like this photoshoot, though. Quite a lot. Most of...
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Mila Kunis is the true precious jewel in these pics

Mila Kunis has a new gig promoting jewelry made by a company called Gemfields which I've never heard of before because they make shit only rich people like Mila can afford. Is this like every woman's dream job? Just hang out with really expensive jewelry on? I envision a deep, inner longing within a woman that is soon satisfied once they've reached a place in life where people are actually...
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