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Even if Thora Birch is no longer the cynical teen cutie, she's still got that rack

We got a rather eye-opening reminder this weekend of how much time has passed since Thora Birch was the go to name for moody teen characters with unusual desires and interests. I'm seeing a lot of folks around the web confessing amazement at how different she looks now. Granted, Thora is kind of a far sight from her days as a plucky youth, smart-assing her way through movies with her own...
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The Top Ten Hottest Graphic Novel Movie Babes

The kids are heading back to school and the summer season of movies is winding down. While the turtles might have pulled out some magic, will the mission be as easy for SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR ? Without the built-in nostalgia market or the little kid angle, I'm guessing not. But that doesn't mean that the movie can't provide for excellent top ten fodder.
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Movie Hotties 6-Pack: The Top Fangirls and Geek Chicks From Movies

Gotta love the geek chicks. They'll spend the whole day with you playing your favorite video games, binge viewing your favorite sci-fi show, LARPing at the local community park and the like. Then they'll bang your brains out all night while cosplaying as your favorite anime character. Sounds like heaven for any geek. So are these 6 geek hotties we've collected for you today, all...
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Flashback Friday: Where did Thora Birch go?

I was reading an article by The Guardian the other day about Thora Birch that kind of depressed me. It was an article I just happened to find while in the middle an impromptu Terry Zwigoff film festival I was holding for myself. As you may know, Terry directed the film Thora is perhaps best remembered for, 2001's GHOST WORLD, which also starred a young Scarlett Johansson . Back then,...
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