Top 6 Hottest Fake Lesbians in Movies (Video)

You gotta love lesbians. There's something there for everyone. Doesn't matter what your sexual preference is or what gender you happen to be. They appeal to all. This love for lesbians is the reason why a room full of women in a movie is bound to have at least a couple of them making out with each other. No one can peel their eyes away from two women getting down to it with one...
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Face Off: Kristen Bell vs. Krysten Ritter

It was Eva Green by a smidgen over Lena Headey in last week's Face Off . That's a fair decision. One could argue that Eva isn't the most gorgeous woman on the planet, but few can deny her intensity. She makes me want to do all sorts of unspeakable things with her. Well, most of the ladies we feature around here do that, but she's one of the few who I imagine could give as well as she gets...
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The Top Ten Sexiest Movie & TV Lesbians

In a not all that surprising move last Friday, actress Ellen Page came out as a lesbian at the Human Rights Time to Thrive Campaign in Las Vegas. I say it's not surprising because even Page admitted in her speech that she was "lying by omission," suggesting that she felt her fans were aware of her proclivity for the womenfolk without her really needing the "I'M GAY" proclamation. With so many...
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Face Off - Nude Scene Edition: Alexandra Daddario vs. Angelina Jolie

Looked like Jennifer Lawrence triumphed over Anne Hathaway last week with a healthy referendum on the matter. That dogged anti-Anne crowd remains, no matter what she does. Interesting how polarized folks get over her. Someone should do a study on that. How has it been existing in a world where everybody knows exactly what Alexandra Daddario looks like naked ? Pretty good, right?...
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