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Jessica Simpson is destined for severe back pains

I just want to preface by saying it's a minor nitpick of mine that the airy pop singer Jessica Simpson is looking a little frumpy of late. That aside; I can't imagine any male with warm blood pumping through his veins who wouldn't want to experience the sensation of fondling what can only be described as her cartoonishly large set of boobs. It would make the phrase suckling at...
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Courtney Stodden's rockboobs will haunt my dreams forever

When I was just a kid, I went into my sister's room where she was playing with her dolls. Little did I know, she suffered from intense delusions and is now living in a mental hospital (I don't like to talk about it). Anyway, I playfully asked what she was doing and that's when she held them up. Her Barbie had her arms taken out and her head was turned around 180 degrees. Ken had been burned...
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