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Lizzy Caplan wears a see-through lace dress for Lula & we're all winners

Those great big eyes of Lizzy Caplan's hold my attention nearly as well as that beautiful rack of hers that she loves to show off, which is quite a feat. Not to be confused with fete, although I definitely love to celebrate this wry, charming actress whenever I get the chance. And we're all going to get the chance to check out Lizzy as she steps into the role of Lula for the upcoming NOW...
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Jessica Chastain is giggling ginger goodness in yellow at the National Board of Review Gala

I recently watched the movie LAWLESS and not for "Let's see how desperate Shia LeBeouf tries to seem as if he's a dedicated actor" laugh factor. Nah, I'm a good old fashioned female who has a thing for the super sexy Tom Hardy and doesn't mind checking out ginger goddess, Jessica Chastain wear bootleg era costumes and get naked, pressing those freckled boobies...
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