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Face Off: Alexis Bledel vs. Lily Collins

It was kind of a surprise to see Hailee Steinfeld nearly sweep last week's Face Off over Sophie Turner . But then maybe it wasn't such a surprise considering how prolific she's been lately in all her sexy glory. If we were getting a similar heavy dose of Sophie while on the cusp of another season of Game of Thrones or something, things might have easily gone the other way. This...
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The Girls are back! Alexis Bledel & Lauren Graham sparkle for fan event

Get prepared to lose your NetFlix privileges next week, you dudes in relationships. NetFlix is bringing back your wife's/girlfriend's/sister's/mother's/aunt's/female roommate's favorite mother-daughter team when Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham reprise their Gilmore Girls roles in a special set of episodes designed to catch all of the fans up with what's been going on in Rory &...
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Hot or Not: Melissa McCarthy

I'd like to point out that there seems to be an odd middle ground when it comes to women of size. I'm not saying "women of size" to include only the big girls. I'm thinking about how many Schmoes I've heard complain that skinny actresses need to eat cheeseburgers. (Pasta type carbs are far more effective for weight gain, just FYI.) Most constantly praise the "healthy" look on women in...
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