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Hot or Not: Gina Carano

Let's see... this week features a couple of different badasses kicking, um, well, ass . The coolest part about this is that those doing the asskicking are both women. One is a for-show, CGI-enhanced killer babe while the other is a legit, bare-knuckled brawler doing big screen, lead role duty in HAYWIRE . Have to say, I'm more interested in the latter. Gina Carano As...

Should I go Haywire over Daniela Ruah?

Anyone looking to pass up HAYWIRE and check out RED TAILS instead? I don't want to make a snarky remark about it, maybe you are more interested in seeing the badassedness that is Cuba Gooding Jr instead of Gina Carano. I don't judge. But I also know that Daniela Ruah , an American girl with Puerto Rican roots is in RED TAILS but inexplicably (unless you got a good reason ready for me)...

Game Babe Alert!

I hope you'll all extend me the same courtesy that you did for Cherry in terms of not crucifying me for reporting some hottie news that has nothing to do with movies. I'm hoping that the superior hotness of this particular game babe will make you all forget what I've gone and done. The babe that you all have the pleasure of looking at below is a model and current American Gladiator named Gina...

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