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Hottie Report Card: Danielle Fishel

Today is Friday, June 27th, 2014… a day that we will cherish for years to come. Today, "Girl Meets World" will premiere on the Disney Channel at approximately 7:45pm (EST). Exaggerating? You may think I am, but when this project was first announced about a year and a half ago , it was kind of a big deal, especially to fans of the original series "Boy Meets...

(UPDATED!) Danielle Fishel from "Boy Meets World" meets Maxim. It's a good day!

Remember a few months back when we received the news that Danielle Fishel would be starring in "Girl Meets World", an updated take on the sitcom "Boy Meets World". She would be reprising her role as Topanga, who's still married to Cory (Ben Savage) after all these years, and it would air on The Disney Channel. We showed you in Topanga's "Then & Now" article why exactly this...

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