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Melissa Benoist's dainty demeanor for Supergirl promo

Notoriety can happen in an instant. I know she had a run on glee, but 2015 is the kick off to Melissa Benoist's career. First there was her small part as the love interest in the widely acclaimed Whiplash , and now she's the lead in her own CBS series Supergirl. Some gals have all the luck. Instead of being bitter over someone else's shot-put to success, let's reflect on...
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Virginia Gardner is your girl next door hottie of the day

Who would have ever thought that there would ever be such a thing as the shaky cam teenage superhero genre? It's one of those things that could only come about thanks to positive reaction to an initial concept, namely the 2012 movie CHRONICLE. A movie that was admittedly pretty bad ass. Who hasn't dreamed of having super powers and what they might do with such power? Following up on that...
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Urban Outfitters show off hottie Anais Pouliot in lingerie

If you've ever walked into an Urban Outfitters before, you maybe had the same thoughts going through your head that were very prominently going through mine. "Why the f*ck would anyone pay 40 bucks for this shit?" Okay, maybe that's not the nicest thing to say about them or endorse them, but perhaps these upcoming pictures will make up for that. If Urban Outfitters does one thing right, it's...
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Flashback Friday: I Still Want Elisabeth Shue To Be My Babysitter

Kids of the 80s had a ton of dream hotties to melt our young hearts. Yet few were so adept at turning up the heat on an adolescent ticker as Elisabeth Shue . She was always the one with the girl next door look about her, which made Elisabeth the go to person for girlfriend roles back in the day. And thus that's what she was for most of her early career in movies like THE KARATE KID and...
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Classic Hotties: Judy Garland

Perhaps one of, if not the most celebrated entertainer of the last 100 years, Judy Garland was loved by audiences and fans almost from the beginning. She was a favorite among many in her field and is thought of by many to have been one of the best pure entertainers in the history of show business. Yet, despite years of acclaim and showers of love, Judy's life was a portrait of tragedy...
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