A minor nipple flash from Rita Ora is a Wonderland-ful thing

It's been awhile since we've had a good Rita Ora post. The lady known for rocking a bikini and knowing just how much side boob to show is being featured as the cover model for the Dec/Jan issue of Wonderland magazine. The issue is low on varied images, sticking mainly to close-up shots of Ora's beautiful face, but the cover shot, once all those pesky words are removed, gives a...
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Renee Olstead really has this cute, fun pin-up girl thing down

Her career took a minor boost earlier this year when she appeared in UNFRIENDED, that horror movie about social media coming to kill you in that roundabout way that it always seems to feel like it's doing. Prior to that, we'd waited a few years to see Renee Olstead to land something meaty since she left the cast of "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," where she was younger and much...
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Meanwhile, Ke$ha keeps up her standard of cray-cray for iHeartMusic Festival in Las Vegas

While Taylor Swift might be predictable enough to know she's almost always boring, Ke$ha is supremely similar to Swift... in the fact that she's just as predictable at being weird. Granted, I want to point out that prior to taking the stage with her Jack Daniels (and having Joan Jett join her to play guitar at one point) the images of the glittery pop singer are showing a very healthy, fit...
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Jennifer Lopez does her JLo, Jenny from the Block thing in W Magazine

Does anyone besides me remember that rumour that when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were together that he'd had a custom-made, jewel-encrusted toilet seat for her? I hope she has it because while they keep trying to remodel good ol' JLo, it's still not happening. I speak for myself, if you feel otherwise, speak up. In the recent issue of W Magazine, Jennifer goes back to the ghetto she...
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Katy Perry flawlessly makes them green with envy at the WHCD

While Sarah Palin thought it would be cute to Tweet, slamming the White House Correspondent Dinner as being a "#nerdparty" , I wonder what if from her place she could see just how hot Katy Perry looked as one of the nerds in attendance. This is the Katy that I can't get over, even though I know she looks totally different without the make-up and the hair extensions, etc. I like the glam,...
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Would you tap that? (The "Glam" Ke$ha)

I happen to consider Ke$ha (or as my twinks will say it, "Kay-Dolla-Hah!") my guiltiest not guilty pleasure. She can't sing for shit when it's live. She has what comes off as a personality as deep as a rainwater gutter puddle with intelligence somewhere in that range as well. But she's working with the right people and when she puts out a song, it is catchy as all hell. I like that she's not...
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