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Let's all get drunk on Brenda Song's glamour

I have a bigger problem with the fact that Brenda Song really doesn't get much work than the fact that she used to date someone from the Cyrus clan, so that's saying a lot. Especially since she used to bump her particular pretty up against Miley's older half-brother's especially ugly. It's also surprising when you see how well Song cleans up for magazine spreads like this one in Glamoholic,...
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Katie Cassidy is nearly unrecognizable for Glamoholic

  I remember when Katie Cassidy looked this hot back in her photo shoot for Maxim magazine in 2012. That hardly seems like such a long time ago that as much that has transpired with her looks would have happened. In this photo shoot for Glamoholic, Katie is nearly unrecognizable either from too much Photoshop or the loss of too much weight. Back when I featured her in the...
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