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Ellie Goulding fails at lipsynching, kills at cleavage flashing

I keep insisting that Ellie Goulding is the reincarnation of the young Tipper Gore. I'm talking about Tipper back when she was Mary Elizabeth, prior to being married to Al Gore, before all of the Parents Music Research Center crap played her out to be an idiot. If you look back, she was a rather pretty girl, not spectacularly note-worthy, but definitely pretty. Every time I see Goulding, I...
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Anne Hathaway is slowing bringing her sexy back in Glamour UK

It's nice to see Anne Hathaway gaining steam in the recapturing of her groove thang. I'm not sure what entirely went on when she decided to cut off her hair for LES MISERABLES but it put a damper on her entire attitude at the time. Maybe it was the flopped presenter issue when she co-hosted the Oscars with James Franco. Maybe it was the boyfriend previous to her now-husband, the one who was...
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Rita Ora's side boob and denim covered derriere in steamy promo pics

Rita Ora is always being labeled as a Rihanna clone, and it's hard to argue against that being the similarities are so obvious both in looks and demeanor. Now with these promo pics for her upcoming single "Body On Me", where she's posing with Chris "bareknuckle" Brown, the distinctions between the two pop superstars become even more blurred. Let's make...
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Glamour UK squeezes a little belly button out of Taylor Swift

How bizarre is it that in a time when we're logging on to gossip websites to catch whichever hottie has slipped a nip or flashed some panties that we're also a bit too obsessed with the lack of belly button that Taylor Swift shows? Why not consider that Glamour UK not only got Taylor to show that mysterious little umbilical hole but to wear a couple of dresses that you can see a bit of...
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Natalie Dormer is subdued and sexy for Glamour UK & Flare

If you thought that you'd see a whole lot of Jennifer Lawrence this fall during the promotional period for MOCKINGJAY PART 1, you forgot to factor in The Fappening. While it's sad that JLaw is keeping herself pretty low key in the aftermath of her personal images getting hacked and leaked, the one upside is that the movie's other resident hot blonde, Natalie Dormer was tapped to step up to...
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Lea Michele looks dead happy in Glamour UK

That "Cannonball" song of Lea Michele is pretty f*cking horrid. But don't worry, it's not as if the singer will have to make a career out of the solo singing thing. She's still beating the grave of her dead exboyfriend, Cory Monteith, her co-star from "Glee" who died of a heroin overdose in July of last year. In an interview with Glamour UK magazine, Michele...
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Emma Stone & Zooey Deschanel compete for the cutest Glamour appearance

Two sexy/funny girls, two remarkable careers, two pairs of adorably big fishbowl eyeballs. What other couple of hotties could I be referring to besides Emma Stone and Zooey Deschanel ? By some stroke of coincidence, Zooey is hitting the cover of Glamour magazine, while Emma is hitting the pages of Glamour UK in the same month. Two famous women with all those key similarities? C'mon,...
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