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Emily Ratajkowski was a pretty little flower at Global Green's pre-Oscar party

She was in an Oscar nominated movies when the award show rolled around last year (hey, Jason Statham - how about a nudity Oscars too?) but Emily Ratajkowski tended to stick more to the pre and post Oscar parties rather than make a splashy appearance at the show itself. At the Global Green party on Wednesday night, EmRat took a dress that would have looked conservative and perhaps even dowdy...
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Vanessa Hudgens gives all a case of envy at the Global Green party

This Austin Butler kid who happens to be lucky enough to be called Vanessa Hudgens' boyfriend looks like a Hanson brother reject but without the musical charm. I guess he's been her beau for about 2 years now, a fact that shouldn't surprise me, seeing how either Hudgens likes pretty boys or is really good at using them for wildly successful beards. It would be a lot nicer to think of Nessie...
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Ashley Greene is environmentally pretty in pink

Ah! How did I miss this so easily? Apparently, little miss Ashley Greene was at the exact same party Malin Akerman was where she was looking so damn sexy and showing off her love for Mother Earth. Only in Ashley's case, she was wearing a cute pink dress. Now we have a problem. I love Malin. Honestly, I do. However, as soon as I saw one of these pics from Ashley, I screamed, jumped up...
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