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Elizabeth Hurley & her red hot timeless hotness hit the red carpet

At the London premiere of the new movie THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES, Elizabeth Hurley looked every inch the stunning supermodel that we were introduced to back in the '90's. Hell, Hurley looks even better now than she did in PASSENGER 57, with the thicker eyebrows and less polished look, so it's hard to process that she's 51-years old and the mother of a teenage son. What's not hard to imagine...
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Natalie Portman glows at the red carpet VIFF premiere of Jackie

Oh man. I'm far better at calling pregnancy in a celebrity than the people over the gossip magazines, which isn't going to win me any medals but it's a fun thing regardless. When I first noticed a couple months ago that Natalie Portman was starting to look healthier, with a slight weight gain, my initial impression was to wonder when the actress would confirm that she was pregnant for the...
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Katherine McNamara's bare tummy was a necessity on Jungle Book's red carpet

I can't get over how much Katherine McNamara glows when she's on the red carpet. It could be a side effect of whatever dye she's using to tint her naturally blonde hair that shade of red we all seem to prefer her in but I'm not really complaining. Hell, I even tried watching her show, "Shadow Hunters" just because she's that compelling of a beauty. (Not enough to keep me watching the show,...
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Rebecca Hall glows at screening of Closed Circuit with costars Julia Stiles and Eric Bana

Back when I did a Hot or Not column on Rebecca Hall , the feedback suggested that there were a few Schmoes unimpressed with the actress but that a majority of y'all thought that she was one of the unsung beauties working in the business today. While in New York at the screening of her movie CLOSED CIRCUIT , Hall was looking sharp and sexy with her new shorter haircut and natural smile. She...
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What's the source behind Stacy Keibler's radiant glow?

She might have been out walking the walk for the opening of the latest Escada flagship store in Berlin, where I don't think the weather's been all that great for getting a glowing tan, but that didn't stop Stacy Keibler from glowing in her demure white dress and toned-down hair color. While people debate about the status of the supposedly "on the rocks" relationship that the former wrestler...
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