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Joanna Krupa points her ass our way. We look!

If Jessica Alba just started the big bikini trend of 2013 , we're looking forward to the greatest year ever. Polish "Top Model" host and former "Man Show" juggie Joanna Krupa rarely disappoints with the bikini candids, but this time we're in for something extra special. If I could meet every person in the paparazzi business, I'd punch every one of them in the face except those who...
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The Candice Swanepoel bikini motherload is here

Oh, Candice Swanepoel . I've become quite convinced over the past year that there are more pictures of this woman in a bikini than there are stars in the sky. If that wasn't true before, it certainly is now with this HUGE set of photos from Victoria's Secret. You know that saying, "practice makes perfect". I believe these images could be a testament to that. Candice seems much more...
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