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Margot Robbie is now my brunette Australian goddess

Anyone who has seen Martin Scorsese's THE WOLF OF WALL STREET knows exactly how mindblowingly and heartstoppingly gorgeous Leonardo DiCaprio is. I mean, my goodness. Look at that dude. What? Margot Robbie ? Yeah, she was pretty, too, I suppose. Wait, she's sporting a brunette look now? *flips table and screams towards the heavens* Why didn't anyone tell me? Damn. Look at that. Alright, in...

Kate Upton melts faces for Vogue

Sweet merciful baby jeezus, I did not know the blood could rush from my head with such intense masturbatory glory. All systems are shutting down. I find it hard to believe the photographer from Vogue didn't just spontaneously combust from clearly lethal levels of cartoonishly hot babe heat. Seriously, if there is a more awe-inspiringly sex-glistened goddess on the whole of planet Earth, let...

Britney Spears brings back the golden goddess sexytime for Shout and Scream promos

Whatever, I don't care, I like Britney Spears now. Strip away those years of her parents pimping her out as a child star so that they could reap 401K benefits off of beast with two backs moments they shared with one another. Stop thinking about when she went nuts or shaved off her hair or any of that. No KFed. No K-WayTooWell-Fed either. Just think about the right producers that she's hired...

We're onto the two things you're best known for, Bree Olson

Is now a good time to ask you how you really feel about porn actresses becoming more mainstream? Sure, Jenna Jameson did it first and did it well, getting roles in movies such as PRIVATE PARTS, a movie targeting the sexplotative nature of the Howard Stern rise to fame. But how do you feel about Bree Olson becoming more of a regular fixture amongst things? (Here's about the time that the...

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