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Top 6 Hottest Thong Scenes From Movies (video)

You gotta love a hottie in a thong. It's like a best of both worlds thing, wherein hotties can continue to wear underwear, but still showcase all the best parts of the areas underwear might otherwise conceal. Being as fun as thongs are, it should come as no big surprise to see movies frequently utilizing them for a nice little boost to their sexy. Here are 6 hotties from movies who put...
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Hottie Report Card: Kate Hudson

Next week we got Kate Hudson playing the MILFy wife waiting at home with the kids while her husband Dirk Diggler fights for his oil-rigging life on the DEEPWATER HORIZON. We've come a long way with Kate since she had her big debut role in ALMOST FAMOUS. She's gone from playing bangable teens to bangable moms - a natural progression for someone who comes from such great hottie stock....
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Enjoy one last Kate Hudson Hawaiian bikini show

That was a helluva Memorial Day Kate Hudson had last weekend. Just bikini after bikini after bikini on warm, sunny, Hawaiian beaches and expensive yachts anchored offshore. Girl is definitely living the life. She's back home on the mainland now, but there is one more bikini adventure from her holiday weekend left to post and it might be my favorite of the bunch. Just all kinds of Kate...
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All the work Kate Hudson has been doing on her Self seems to be paying off

I was scanning the latest news about Kate Hudson after finding these pics of her in the new Self magazine. Funny enough, despite the obvious fitness tack her spread is taking, the most prominent headline is that Kate tends to let her weight fluctuate for the sake of repeated pizza binges. I'm with her on that. What's a couple of pounds when the alternative is no pizza? That's no way to...
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Kate Hudson rocks some booty at the Kasbah premiere

There was a time when I would have argued that Kate Hudson's most enduring quality was that angel face that made her a star. But it seems that's one area where Kate didn't quite take after her mom, who managed to hang onto her similarly angelic face well into mid life. Kate pretty much looks like someone in her late 30s now, which isn't exactly a sin. However, what it does seem to imply is...
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Kate Hudson misplaces a bunch of her Versace dress

Kate Hudson and her mom Goldie Hawn joined the terrifying Donatella Versace for some fashion thing over in Paris yesterday, where Kate apparently had a run in with a kindergartener determined to make a snowflake out of her dress. That's some inspired tailoring right there. Looking at this group, I wonder if there are any mixed feelings between them in moments like these. Goldie is...
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Face Off: Kate Hudson vs. Cameron Diaz

It was a mostly even split between Keri Russell and Jennifer Garner in last week's Face Off . You guys keep coming at these like I've got total dominion over who wins, when in reality my vote only counts as one, just like the rest of you. Sure, I get to blab on a bit more about my opinion, but those are the privileges of the job. You guys decide who wins a Face Off, just as with any...
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Face Off: Kate Hudson vs. Goldie Hawn

Controversies abounded in last week's Face Off between Gemma Arterton and Kelly Brook . Such a terrible thing for me to compare the profound glory of an acting career to a the lowly, shameful model. How can I prefer Kelly's work to Gemma's? Have you seen her portfolio? I'm sorry, but a Kelly Brook calendar beats shitty video game adaptations any day of the week. Whatever your opinion,...
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