Lock up Tiger! Paige Spiranac is a golf babe worth getting addicted to

These pictures of golfer Paige Spiranac were taken all the way back on December 10th and I'm shocked that they haven't gone viral earlier. If I'd known that there were chicks this cute playing golf I might have thought about watching... nah, that's a lie. Golf is boring but this chick is hot. Spiranac is a 22-year old from Colorado who has modeled, sang and been a big up-and-coming name in...
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Who wants to putt a couple in Jessica Biel's holes?

Quick question: Which is cuter, golf or tennis outfits on chicks? I'm of the opinion that they're nearly the same thing but seeing Jessica Biel in her little white golf skirt as she goes out for a few holes with hubby Justin Timberlake at the Lakeside Golf Club in Toluca Lake is enough to sell me on golf's side. Biel is frequently criticized for supposedly never being seen in public with...
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Flashback Friday: The one thing geeks and jocks can agree on is Cindy Morgan was super hot

It's a matter of unlikely movie history that Cindy Morgan just happened to star in two totally different movies in the extreme early 80s that made her equally beloved of two totally different groups of people. The first movie was the immortal CADDYSHACK, which is practically required viewing for anyone considering themselves a sports fan. I've certainly never met a golfer or general...
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