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Emma Stone's adorable expressions are sufficient reason to love her

We're doubling up on Emma Stone today, but that's okay. You can't get too much of Emma, can you? Has anyone ever wished Emma would go away? I wouldn't care for the disreputable person who thought or dared speak that out loud. Her faces alone are reason enough to fall for Emma. Imagine taking Emma out somewhere, conversing about fun topics and watching her make sweet expressions like these....

Jessica Simpson manages to be not pregnant for a minute

I find it hilarious when couples have a kid and then immediately get pregnant again, thanks to that biological quirk wherein women get super fertile right after having a kid. I get a perverse sense of satisfaction out of the dread and misery they feel over having to endure all the shit associated with pregnancy again so soon after doing it the last time. That situation was doubly bad for...

Lady Gaga wears a paper dress to travel by 1959 classic Cadillac Eldorado

Just two days ago, Lady Gaga drove in a car that I'm guessing a bunch of you male readers would love to own - the 1959 Cadillac Eldorado - as she was being driven to her appearance on "Good Morning America" to sing her new song, "Applause," which was released for sale on iTunes on the following Tuesday. The singer has a new 22-year old fashion apprentice who constructed this minimalist dress...

Salma Hayek is about the best sales pitch you can make for Grown Ups 2

Salma Hayek was all over the place this week quelling the mad uproar from desperate souls who've been waiting with tortured, painful, agonizing anticipation on the release of the sequel to the original GROWN UPS, GROWN UPS 2. Okay, there is no one anywhere who feels that way, but that's no reason for Salma to abandon her healthy work ethic and not promote the shit out her movie the way she...

Miranda Kerr gives America an especially good morning

As I was attempting to rouse myself back into consciousness and maneuver my way through the bedroom door this morning (which is a tricky thing to do some mornings) I heard the sound of my favorite Australian supermodel, Miranda Kerr , on the kitchen TV. Temporarily distracted from my need to address the consequences of the previous night's revelry, I stopped for a moment to lend her an ear....

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