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Anna Kendrick showed off a lot of leg & personality for Extra

There's probably nothing more adorable than when Anna Kendrick , a high profile actress with a bank account that would make your mother blush, makes faces like any other normal human being while waiting on everyone else to get their shit in order. While making an appearance on Extra , Kendrick was spotted adjusting her undies (or more like, Spanx, since even the skinny girls are encouraged...
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Emma Stone's Venice Film Fesitval photocall for La La Land is pure greatness

No one, and I mean NO ONE, beats Emma Stone when it comes to making the most adorable faces in the world of Hollywood, where everyone is beautiful and scared shitless of making sincere facial expression that might cause their faces to develop wrinkles. It's so refreshing to see Stone relinquish herself to the emotions she's going through and let them show on her face. I think...
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Sofia Vergara is a spunky roller girl I think we should name Gloria Ram-ily

I used to be fairly close with people from one of our local roller derby leagues, back when it was about good sports-womanship and playing the game fairly and getting taken seriously. Then (and this is strange because I think I referred to one particular roller girl who should take a roller fall down a flight of stairs in a long-ago post about Sofia Vergara... hmmm, weird) I found out that the...
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