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Ariel Winter plays pretend with some greatest hottie hits of yesteryear

I know 3 articles about Ariel Winter in one day is a lot, but I don't want to be different from the other kids. I'd be like the nerd in class. Sorry, I think I'm reverting to adolescent thinking after browsing through some of Ariel's pics in her new Cosmo spread. In case you couldn't tell, Ariel is recreating the look of various popular characters from teen-based movies from the 80s, 90s and...
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Face Off: Michelle Trachtenberg vs. Krysten Ritter

Alison Brie landed a solid win against Jennifer Lawrence in the previous Face Off . That was a difficult choice. They are both so damn great in so many ways. As much as I would love to have them both begging me for it, I'm kinda glad I'll never be in a position of having to choose between them. I've been thinking about the hotties who rock the dark hair and pale skin. That's kind of...
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Face Off: Hilary Duff vs. Blake Lively

It wasn't a huge surprise that Salma Hayek edged out Hayley Atwell in last week's Face Off - not with her longstanding and well earned army of erect fans. Yeah, Hayley hasn't been around nearly as long, but she has made up a lot of ground in a short time just by being the gorgeous, sensuous, curvy and wonderfully English woman she is by nature. It's a little weird to see all the...
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Face Off: Leighton Meester vs. Gillian Jacobs

So ya'll disagreed with me about who should win last week's Face Off , deciding that Elisha Cuthbert was the better choice than Grace Park . Well, that's going to happen from time to time. Clearly you folks are unencumbered by any BSG memories. I'm always going to have a special bias for the ladies from that show. This week sees the wide release of the Leighton Meester and...
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We hold Michelle Tractenberg in high Regard

I still can't believe folks have been giving Michelle Trachtenberg shit for being fat. Where the hell is all this fat they're talking about? I look at her in the pages of Regard magazine and I see a normal, healthy-looking woman. I can see why folks would start slinging insults about fatness with the various thicker ladies in Hollywood. I usually disagree with them as well, but at least I...
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Taylor Momsen dumps out her usual load of crazy in the pages of Maxim

It's sort of surprising that Taylor Momsen is now officially into her 20's, having just rolled into the start of her second decade this past July, because the former "Gossip Girl" actress and wannabe controversial singer doesn't seem all that interested in growing up. That's great news to the pedantic writers and editors over at Maxim magazine, who nabbed the blonde...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Leighton Meester

Man Leighton Meester is smoking hot. I mean... wow. You put this woman in front of most men and there isn't much they wouldn't do for her. Pretty sure I can't tell you the things I'd do for this woman out loud, yeah, it's that bad. Can you believe she played a virgin on "Entourage?" HA! Anyway today's Hottie Clip of the Day takes a look at Meester in this sexy scene from "Gossip...
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Flashback Friday: Remember Mädchen Amick?

There are a few hotties who I will always associate with the 90s. They're the ones who take me back to those bygone days of flannel and baggy jeans whenever I see them again. One of my favorites from that group of hotties is the enchanting Mädchen Amick . While perhaps not the biggest name anymore and only moderately well known in her day, she will always be goddess in my eyes. Mädchen...
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Face Off: Elizabeth Banks vs. Kristen Bell

Oh goody, goody! Lot's of conflicted thoughts about our previous Face Off between Natalie Portman and Amy Adams . I like it when ya'll are so divided. In the end, Natalie managed to scrape out an extra couple votes to win by a nose, but I'm pretty sure the love for these two is equally balanced. Most everyone was honoring their moms this weekend, which gives us a good opportunity...
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Blake Lively struts her healthy stems down NYC streets

Blake Lively emerged from her prolonged post wedding bliss obscurity yesterday to stretch those fine legs of hers for some random fashion thing, demonstrating to the world what lower extremities are supposed to look like on a woman. Damn, what is it about thigh highs that's so freaking hot? You'd think something that covers up such a fine set of legs would be an annoyance. Yet somehow it...
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Leighton Meester keeps her hotness natural

Been seeing a lot of photos of hottie Leighton Meester out and about au naturel at gas stations, which I guess is a place not worthy of any Leighton beautification efforts. True enough. No one dress up to get gas and corn-nuts. It doesn't matter anyway, as Leighton has the goods to look amazing without any make up accompaniment. I have a special fondness toward women who don't have to put a...
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