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Face Off: Sandra Bullock vs. Gillian Anderson

Amber Heard had a big win over Emilia Clarke in their Face Off last week. Yeah, I can see that. Love for Emilia is strongest in the GoT fan. Sometimes it's hard to fathom how there could be anyone left who hasn't seen that show or doesn't want to. Amber, on the other hand, is available to everyone, regardless of TV show affiliation. That said, I'm still ever worshipful of my Khaleesi....
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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Hottest Chicks in Disaster Flicks

The epic orgy of mass destruction otherwise known as SAN ANDREAS opens in theaters today, starring the stunning Alexandra Daddario . Hotties trying to survive terrible disasters is well covered territory in movies. Our good buddy Jason Dean has 6 such ladies lined up for you to get hot for, even as all hell breaks loose around them. See which fine ass babes last long enough to see dawn...
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Exclusive Video: Movie Hotties in Short Shorts!

We're smack-dab in the middle of Spring, which means there are many months of sun ahead. The heat has already arrived early, but it isn't bikini season just yet. Short shorts, however, are completely relevant right now. This got us thinking about all the great short shorts moments in movies, of which there are plenty. There's Gemma Arterton in TAMARA DREWE, Vanessa Ferlito in DEATH...
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Sandra Bullock plays hide & seek at the Hollywood Film Awards

The 17th annual Hollywood Film Awards wasn't exactly the Oscars, if you judge it based on guests like Julia Roberts accepting an award barefoot and other recipients spouting off with blue language and frank dialogue rather than ass kissing name dropping. Award winner Sandra Bullock made note of her acceptance in the industry by pointedly stating, "The Hollywood I know has allowed me to...
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Sandra Bullock shows off her legs, recreates Big piano scene with Tom Hanks on Jonathan Ross show

Sandra Bullock has been a woman of many talents for quite some time now, knowing how to drive fast, inspire kids to play football, fight crime, divorce tattooed dudes, co-star with Dennis Leary and play the piano with her feet, apparently. While a guest on the Jonathan Banks UK talk show, Bullock teamed up with fellow guest, Tom Hanks (the pair were each promoting their respective...
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Emma Watson's hotness makes me lose my sense of gravity

I don't know why the beautiful and elegant Emma Watson popped on over to the premiere of GRAVITY , but dammit, she did anyway. I'm not one to question a good thing. I just blindly follow things that are too good to be true. It's worked out for me so far. Anyway, check out Emma in the pictures below looking fantastic. I'm a little more inclined to have a desire for her long hair look again...
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Are Bullock and Clooney getting pulled in by each other's gravity?

They make a nice couple, don't they? George Clooney and Sandra Bullock were at the Venice Film Festival's screening of their near-Earth orbit nail-biter GRAVITY yesterday, looking really happy to be in the company of one another. Makes sense, the two of them. They're both single, both huge stars, both rich as Roosevelt and of approximate ages. They could do worse than take up with one...
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