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Chloe Moretz turns Hit Girl into Hawt Couture Girl for her Jimmy Kimmel appearance

With the release of KICK-ASS 2 coming up this weekend, it makes sense that the stars of the movie would be making their obligated appearances on all the talk shows and whatnot that they need to. What's cool is that out of everyone in the cast, even McLovin can't get as much attention as Chloe Moretz's fan favorite character, Hit Girl. Chloe was only 12-years old when she filmed the first...
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Hot or Not: Rebecca Hall

First let me start counting the ways why I'm looking forward to IRON MAN 3 even though it's not being directed by Favs. Number one: It's being directed by Shane Black. The man wrote the script for MONSTER SQUAD, one of those movies from my childhood that failed at the box office when it was released and then turned into cult-status gold years later. (Ryan Lambert was the "Kids INC"...
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Juno Temple is full of sexy sass at the premiere of The Brass Teapot

Maybe you remember her in her brief role from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Maybe you can think back to the small role that she had in ATONEMENT. Maybe you're just hearing her name now that they're in production on the sequel SIN CITY: A DAME TO DIE FOR. Whatever the case, you might want to start checking your NetFlix queue and take part in the greatness that is Juno Temple and how she's been subtly...
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