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Meanwhile, Ke$ha keeps up her standard of cray-cray for iHeartMusic Festival in Las Vegas

While Taylor Swift might be predictable enough to know she's almost always boring, Ke$ha is supremely similar to Swift... in the fact that she's just as predictable at being weird. Granted, I want to point out that prior to taking the stage with her Jack Daniels (and having Joan Jett join her to play guitar at one point) the images of the glittery pop singer are showing a very healthy, fit...

Hurrah! Victoria Justice is no longer a teenager!!

It seems like only yesterday that the pervs among us were happy when Victoria Justice turned the legal age of consent (about 18 in most locales) and ogle time was no longer off limits. Seems the brunette temptress has made it a point to celebrate leaving her "Victorious" squeaky image behind and look to new aspects of adulthood. She celebrated in WeHo (us Californians call West Hollywood by...

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