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Nothing but the unmentionables for Nicole Meyer's New Yorker lingerie photo set

Little back story... I frackin love lingerie models. It's a profession that employs so many beautiful women that for those who wish to really stand out, they must be so hot and so photogenic, only straight female photographers are hired to shoot them. Looking at these photos of Nicole Meyer it's almost impossible to fathom a male photographer that could perform at acceptable levels...
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Pretty Damn Cool News: Zach Galifianakis takes 87-year old former homeless woman to Hangover 3 premiere

If they wanted to make sure that THE HANGOVER III made good numbers at the box office, perhaps the marketing reps behind the movie should have checked in with their star, Zach Galifiankis first. Seems the bushy bearded fat man who isn't Santa is pretty good at doling out gifts of his own. A couple of years ago, Zach discovered that a woman by the name of Elizabeth "Mimi" Haist, whom he'd...
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