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Kimberley Garner gets back to work selling her bathing suits

Yeah, believe it or not, this is work for Kimberley Garner . Don't you wish you had her job? Someone goes out and tailors a bathing suit which Kimberley then puts her name on. Then she goes down to Greece wearing her bathing suit in some perfect vacation villa and has someone take pictures of her wearing it while she texts her boyfriend and sips mimosas. Then through some alchemy she's...

Kelly Brook's Grecian bikini adventures continue

Kelly Brook is still down in Greece, still wading into Mediterranean waters in bikinis, still literally and figuratively busting out of bikinis with her ginormous titties. Unfortunately she was also being touched and fondled by her HGH-saturated fiance. That's annoying, but I'm glad Kelly is getting away from her grind of being chauffeured and pampered at every moment. That brutal grind of...

Day 4,256 of Sofia Vergara's Greece vacay brings boobs, butt and superpowers

Seems like Sofia Vergara has been on her Greece vacation forever. Of course, the paps have been right there with her, keeping a sharp eye out for any sign of Sofia in bathing attire. There have been a few such moments for Sofia on this trip, but unfortunately they've all been foiled by a succession of tablecloth-like wraps seemingly intended to cover the better part of her up. Apparently...

Sofia Vergara is spotted in Greece because of the way she sticks out in a black swimsuit

I wonder if anything has come hard to Sofia Vergara over the years (no pun intended, but feel free to have fun with that if you are so inclined) what with the beauty, comedic grace and talent she has. Or, you know, How she's able to do this without looking like a total fool . I wonder what the Greeks make of her while she vacations among them. I wonder a lot of other foolish things too,...

Hulk wanna smash Maria Menounos ass!!

Mykonos? Oh, Mylanta! Some dude who was hanging out with the bootirific Maria Menounos while she went shopping during her current vacation to her Greek Goddess homeland made things a little too easy for me. I don't have much to talk about regarding the short shorts or the bared tummy or the always mentionable ass on Maria. I just love that I was able to use that headline. Wouldn't you all...

In breaking news: maria menounos is in a bikini again

Some things in this world are certain. We all know it'll be Saturday tomorrow. We all knew Kanye and Kim's child would be named something stupid (North West, get it?). Just like those certainties, we have this: Maria Menounos looking great in a bikini. Yes, Maria is still living it up in Greece and yes, she still looks absolutely incredible. It's going to be a very sad day when she finally...

Maria Menounos in a bikini makes me question the single life

Maria Menounos is just one of those people that seems like the perfect woman. I'm definitely a dude and get distracted by every woman I see (I look at hot women online for hours everyday for you people!!!), but if, by some miracle, Maria asked me to marry her, I would leave the single life behind and never look back. She seems consistently fun to be around, always has a huge smile on her...

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