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W Magazine picks the hotties who made 2016 and makes them even hotter

Some interesting things happening in W magazine's movie issue. For one thing, they've amassed an impressive collection of Hollywood's top hotties for their spread. There's also a surprising amount of pseudo-lesbianism happening here. They're not quite swapping spit or going down on each other, but some of these pics imply just that is about to happen. I'm quite keen on the idea of Emma Stone...
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Hot or Not: Greta Gerwig

A third of you were on the "Not" train when it came to discussing Christina Hendricks last week. I have to agree with the concept that being hot isn't just about what you look like and I still get the impression that Christina has something off-putting about her demeanor. Gorgeous, sure. But personality counts. So for this week, let's take a look at one of the stars of JACKIE and...
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W Magazine busts out Charlize, Maika, Rooney & others for annual movie issue

W magazine can be hit or miss for me, considering that they're the culprits behind that atrocious nude, silver-painted Kim Kardashian cover that started a trend of nude Kardoucheian magazine covers for far too many years to come. For this year's movie issue, I'm granting the periodical some passing points because they didn't go for the easiest or the flashiest names. Maika Monroe is headed...
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