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W Magazine busts out Charlize, Maika, Rooney & others for annual movie issue

W magazine can be hit or miss for me, considering that they're the culprits behind that atrocious nude, silver-painted Kim Kardashian cover that started a trend of nude Kardoucheian magazine covers for far too many years to come. For this year's movie issue, I'm granting the periodical some passing points because they didn't go for the easiest or the flashiest names. Maika Monroe is headed...
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The Hotties invade the Vanity Fair 2014 Post Oscars party

The biggest Post-Oscars tradition (after going through the drive-thru for some In-N-Out) has to be the annual Vanity Fair party, partly because it ends up filled with hot models whose main job is to stand around and look pretty and partly because a bunch of the Oscar winners (and non-winners, since no one is really a loser when everyone keeps saying thanks to the other nominees, right? Har har...
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