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Taylor Swift is a real cutie shopping and at the market

Ahh, Taylor Swift . I know she has her fair share of haters (deserved or not), but I personally think the girl's gorgeous. This cat-like eyes of hers, that long blonde, hair, those lips of hers that always seems to be covered in lipstick that just so happen to pucker up and show those white teeth of hers. Wowzers! Anyway, here she is making her way around town shopping for groceries and...
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AnnaSophia Robb carries a heavy load

Ugh, chivalry is truly dead. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I don't think I could in good conscience let a woman walk down the street with a load of groceries and not at least offer to help out. It wouldn't even have to be AnnaSophia Robb sporting the hot spandex tights around her perfect ass. I used to help out an old professor of mine drag her carts of textbooks up 4 flights of stairs every...
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Jessica Alba can look hot any time, any place, any where, any day

I'm happy to have been coming across Jessica Alba so much. Let me rephrase that. I'm happy to have been seeing Jessica Alba so prominent online lately. There we go. It's true, though. Ever since MACHETE KILLS started its promotional run, it seems like Jessica's been everywhere. Now, we can see her chilling at Whole Foods and buying some super-duper healthy and expensive...
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Kate Beckinsale + Leggings + Grocery Shopping - Husband = Awesome

Pictures like these just kind of depress me. Not only do I have a full realization that I'll never get as close as I want to to the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale , but it appears that she couldn't be happier without me in her life. Yeah. Ever since she got that restraining order, she's able to go out and about and do trivial, and yet, enjoyable things like go grocery shopping with that lucky...
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Adriana Lima looks super even at the supermarket

Oh, Adriana Lima … Seeing these pictures of the gorgeous lady herself shopping for groceries not only proves that supermodels need food, too, but the possibility of me bumping into an attractive celebrity in the real world has now gone up one whole number. YEAH! I don't know about you, but it's only a matter of time before I'm at this grocery store (I'll find out which...
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Leann Rimes goes grocery shopping in Calabasas and Dave's still not there, man

I post this post in jest. For I have a friend named Dave. I do not know if Dave is obsessed or even mildly aroused by LeAnn Rimes , I just know that his day job is located in Calabasas, one of the richer suburbs in California that keeps you within a relatively short drive away from work in Los Angeles (you'll often see images of Britney Spears going to church in Calabasas or Miley Cyrus...
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