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Like, Lindsay Lohan really needs our attention, you guys.

Oh, Lindsay Lohan . I don't know if I'm the only one, but I kind of feel bad for the girl. It's almost like I'm surprised to see her in photoshoots such as this. "She's not in jail? She's not dead yet?" are typically some of the thoughts that run through my head whenever I see her sprawled over the bed dressed down in her underwear in all its black and...

I'm proud of Maitland Ward for dressing so conservatively today

I've tended to stay away from Maitland Ward  ever since she started being featured in the stories we posted up. I honestly don't see the appeal, but then again I've never gone to Comic-Con or seen a single episode of BOY MEETS WORLD, so perhaps I'm just out of the loop with my lack of cosplay and nostalgic television knowledge. I mean, I like boobies as much as the next...

Miley Cyrus must be looking to trademark this whole NSFW thing

Let me begin with saying that Miley Cyrus is not the epitome of absolute hotness to me. I prefer my women to have longer hair, more meat on their bones, a better personality and when I eventually meet a woman who I want to marry and live with me in my mom's basement, I hope her love affair with ecstasy isn't nearly as intense as Miley's. That said, I don't think Miley's...

Sofia Vergara is turning into Nikki Cox

Earlier this week she was on vacation, falling out of a bikini , much to all of our delight, so what's up with the scary changes going on with Sofia Vergara ? I took one look at these pictures and got a case of the ghost of dry heaves past, thinking that Sofia was turning into the unfortunate plastic surgery disaster that is Nikki Cox .     Luckily for us...

Katy Perry and John Mayer are starting to sicken the world and who loves that?

If you couldn't already tell that Katy Perry was making a huge mistake by being in a relationship with John Mayer, she decided to leave no shadow of a doubt by recording a song with the lout. "Who You Love" is the latest song from Mayer, featuring co-vocals by Katy and sounding like a drippy Steely Dan song. The photoshoot for the song shows Katy cuddling up to her goober boyfriend and...

Jessica Alba smooches with Pierce Brosnan for a movie, so it's for pretend and not real, okay, you guys?

Here's Jessica Alba looki- What the hell? What the HELL? WHAT IN THE GODDAMN HELL IS THIS SHIT?! Sorry.. Let's start this over. Here we can see Jessica Alba looking adorable and all smiles on the set of HOW TO MAKE LOVE LIKE AN ENGLISHMAN . Now, I realize that I want to get mad at Jessica, but I just can't do it. Even after GOOD LUCK, CHUCK , I couldn't stay pissed off at her. It's an...

The GoDaddy geek continues to pull the major hotties, this time Maria Menounos

The sight of Jesse Heiman, aka GoDaddy geek, kissing anything is nothing anyone wants to see. Still, I'm happy for the guy. The 34-year-old star of the Super Bowl is getting all kinds of attention, most importantly from the kinds of ladies who might otherwise never give him the time of day, like Maria Menounos , who gave Jesse the second best time of his life with a little Extra sugar on her...

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