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Gugu Mbatha-Raw cuts loose in Maxim

I've been an ardent admirer of Gugu Mbatha-Raw ever since I watched her accurately reflect the sexually objectifying ways many modern female pop singers conduct themselves in BEYOND THE LIGHTS. Here she is, yet again, with another accurate interpretation of the way talented actresses sexually objectify themselves in sexy promotional spreads. Witness Mbatha Raw scattering some of her...
2 days ago
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The Hottie Stop interviews Gugu Mbatha-Raw, star of Concussion and Beyond the Lights

Gugu Mbatha-Raw isn't a name that's easy to forget, is it? Well, there's a lot you're not likely to forget about her. The British beauty has actually been acting for the last decade or so, but a few well-timed "breakout" roles in the last year or two have put her into the spotlight. After working on several movies and TV shows in the UK (she was even on...
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BOTB Biracial Beauties: Brooklyn Sudano vs Gugu Mbatha-Raw vs Kat Graham

While there was a lot of love for Eva Mendes (and a surprising number of people who said they were over JLo), it's proving hard to beat Salma Hayek when it comes to a Latina battle, or any other matchup for that matter. As for this week, I'm using the subject matter from BLACK OR WHITE to create a battle where we look at hotties who are both black and white. Brooklyn Sudano...
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Hot or Not: Gugu Mbatha-Raw

For the most part, we're in agreement when it comes to last week's featured babe, Emily Kinney. "The Walking Dead" little sister is definitely far cuter than she is hotter, but it's all good all the way around. This week there's a different breed of British beauty to check out in BEYOND THE LIGHTS, as well as in this week's column. Gugu Mbatha-Raw The first...
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The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest Whovian Babes

Perhaps I am unfortunate in the respect that the Whovians of the 2005 to present day drive me absolutely bonkers. I might have been a part of them, I might have been persuaded to come back into the Exterminate! fray, but they're all so... well, seeing as how I'm probably addressing some of them right now, I have my opinion. I also recall a time when Tom Baker was my Doctor, when the show...
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