Alexis Ren is one insanely pretty kitty cat

I woke up this morning, put on my wifebeater and boxer shorts of justice and sat down at my computer ready to write about the hottest hotties of all of movie hottie-dum. As I was surfing from website to website looking for something - anything - I came across this little unknown hottie. Nah. Not another model story I thought to myself. That was until I scrolled down and aforementioned...

GQ shows off Keri Russell's flexibility and sexiness

Wow. I didn't even know people could get into a position like that. It's mostly because I can't touch my toes (even when I bend my knees), so maybe that's why my brain just can't compute. Anyway, Keri Russell recently posed for GQ and she's pulling off a sexy spy to promote her new show The Americans , which I have no idea what it's about, but, hey! Keri Russel! While all this foreplay with...

Hottie Clip of the Day: Olga Kurylenko

One hottie that has always been a big favorite of mine is Olga Kurylenko. Ever since I first saw her in HITMAN she's pretty much torched the screen in whatever she's in. From being a Bond girl to traveling to the future, Kurylenko is pretty much the definition of sexy. So for today's Hottie Clip of the Day we're taking a look at this hottie in SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS. The scene in...

Alexa Vega continues to be a good girl grown up sexy for the fall issue of Brink magazine

There's so much attention being paid to Sofia Vergara's clip from the October 11th release of MACHETE KILLS and her blasting bosoms, but when the first leaks were happening, it was all about Alexa Vega in those leather chaps looking sexy as all get-out. The recently divorced (she'll be celebrating a year without shackles this upcoming December) former child star turns up her sexy cuteness...

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