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Emma Stone mixes her usual cuteness with some new hotness

Suddenly everybody is out doing the promotional bit for their new movies. We've already seen a bit of Emma Stone spreading around the adorable for BIRDMAN in the last few days. Last night she was doing her thing on Fallon, which I'm kind of sorry I missed now that I see some of these still pics of her appearance. I guess they got into some therapy at some point? I'll have to look that up....

Emma Stone rides high for the Birdman

Emma Stone attended a screening of her upcoming movie BIRDMAN this weekend, wearing a super high cut dress with a little semi see thru action happening. I could be seeing things there, but doesn't it look like she's showing a little expanded butt cheek action in that last pic? I don't see her around with that Garfield guy much anymore. Makes me wonder how the circumstances of the last...

Emma Stone borrowed a banana's peel for the Spidey London premiere

I saw the trailer again for this new Spider-Man sequel running before CAPTAIN AMERICA last weekend. It definitely looks like they're putting a bunch of emphasis on the special effects in this one. Things can only get better as far as this reboot's record with CGI goes, what with that fake-looking lizard dude from the last movie straying into the so bad it was funny territory. I also noted how...

More Emma Stone redheadedness, just because

I've got a neighbor with a dog that will immediately take any treat or bone or table scrap you give him and go bury it in the yard. He was a stray for a long time, so he's got his issues because of whatever he endured during his time as a wanderer. That's kind of how I feel about Emma Stone and her recent return to the red hair. After seeing her embrace her blonde locks for so long, I'm...

Redheaded Emma Stone makes me happy

Mmmmm, now that's the Emma Stone I know best. I assume the re-shoots and whatnot are over for the next AMAZING SPIDER-MAN movie, which gave Emma an opportunity to literally go back to her roots and restore that beautiful red hair back to it's rightful place on her head. I'm probably beating a dead horse talking about how much I love her hair this way. I don't care. It feels really good when...

Face Off: Emma Stone vs. Alison Brie

An overwhelming number of you gave Alexandra Daddario's big reveal the win over Angelina Jolie's in last week's Face Off . I suppose. As some of you said, Angelina's scenes were much more lengthy and varied. Though Alexandra was looking GOOD in hers. I think it all comes down to the novelty of the thing. Alexandra's naked ass is new and exciting, whereas Angelina's is well covered...

Break out the confetti - Emma Stone is a redhead again

Breathe a sigh of relief Emma Stone fans, for our long national nightmare is over. Emma is once again a redhead. It was touch and go there for awhile whether or not Emma was going to come back to her senses and shed those blonde locks for the much more beloved crimson tones. I'm sure many of us were concerned that Emma's association with hipster Spider-man would force her into the much less...

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