Izabel Goulart hit the gym before hitting the Olympic stage

I have trouble keeping track of everyone on Victoria's Secret's roster. It was easier in the beginning, with the basic trifecta of hotness - Heidi, Tyra and then the great Adriana Lima - and with the bigger names such as Candice Swanepoel getting knocked up these days, many of the background players are getting more time in the spotlight. That's where Izabel Goulart comes it. Top it off with...
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Olivia Culpo doing squats in spandex must be one hell of a sight

You could almost imagine there being a chapter in a book like 'The Professional's Guide to Being a Creepy Celebrity Photographer,' entitled: The Perfect Place to Make Camp. While popular beaches and exotic locales may have been the obvious spot in the past, it seems the bulk of intrusive paparazzi spend their stalking hours occupying sidewalks across from Hollywood gyms and yoga...
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Elle Fanning's fanny looks red hot in spandex

Do you remember in the not too distant past when everybody was talking about how Dakota Fanning was "going places?" While I'll think they meant she was on the path to a long and prosperous career in movie stardom, the only place she ended up going was purgatory for young actresses – obscurity; boxed out by her younger sibling, Elle Fanning , who showed greater efficiency...
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Julianne Hough takes those insane abs to the gym again

There really isn't anything new to say when it comes to the fine fitness regimen that dancer Julianne Hough keeps up. Sure, she was just seen chomping on churros during a trip to Disneyland with her fiancee, which might support her need to hit the gym, especially with her wedding looming on the horizon. What I think needs to happen is a meeting between Hough and Kaley Cuoco , our...
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More from Ariel Winter's never ending boob show

I try, at the very least, to understand others obsessions and interests. While I'm continually making an earnest effort to hop on the " Ariel Winter is hot" bandwagon, I can't say I'm there yet (I'm tryin' Ringo. I'm tryin' real hard). There's just something garden variety about her; I'm only going on looks so maybe that's part of the...
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Daphne Joy's bulbous bits packed into spandex

I would hate to be Daphne Joy 's fitness trainer. The innumerable amount of times I would get caught eyeballing that ass or losing my ability to form full sentences when in close proximity to those massive tits, packed ever so tightly into the sports bra, would result in, at the very least, being bitch slapped. Not to mention I would have to spend the entire session sitting down lest...
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Alexis Ren modeling bikinis is the salve to soothe your weekday woes

I was just beginning to wonder what the last name Ren would stand for before I consulted the oracle and discovered that Alexis Ren is really Alexis Rene Glabach, so the Ren is an abbreviation of her middle name and I really need to find better hobbies. Alexis has slowly been working her way up the modeling ladder, starting at the tender age of 13 (she's 20 now, so you're free to fap without...
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Karlie Kloss enjoys a cool drink after keeping that model figure in fine form

I have a bit more respect for Karlie Kloss than some of the other supermodels of her generation, partly because she's been open about dialing back on her modeling in order to attend college and obtain a degree. There's so much focus on those in the spotlight not needing to go to school because they already earn a lot of money for staring blankly into a camera but with Kloss, you can tell...
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Chloe Moretz takes her cute belly button for a walk after Pilates class

It's probably a good idea that Chloe Grace Moretz is working up a sweat; It has to take her mind off the fact that her last movie, THE 5TH WAVE, did such dismal business at the box office last month. While many people claim to love her, they must be waiting for NEIGHBORS 2: SORORITY UPRISING to drop their dough on her again. In the meantime, Chloe was tank girl after a recent Pilates class,...
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Kate Upton squats her way to a better butt

People seem to have no shortage of criticisms to offer Kate Upton , be it complaints over her plainness compared to other models or her rounder figure. While I do agree that she isn't in the same league as some others in her profession, I have little to say against Kate herself. Sure, she's kind of normal in a lot of ways, but I'm okay with normal. Being normal doesn't make those boobs any...
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Karen Gillan's gym tights show off the thong flossing her cute butt

Now that her attempt at a US sitcom went down the drain and the movie she made with the DEUCE BIGALOW: MALE GIGOLO director is in the can (to be fair, it's called THE LIST) and the all-chick revenge flick, IN THE VALLEY OF VIOLENCE, gears up for a 2016 release, I guess it's time for Karen Gillan get back into shape for whatever the Marvel universe has in store for her. Luckily for all of...
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Charlotte McKinney understands the importance of proper gym attire

I know that whenever I'm working out, proper ventilation is key. No one wants to be seen with huge sweat rings on a t-shirt you should have thrown out a couple of decades ago. That's why we should all applaud Charlotte McKinney for her impromptu display of proper gym attire, for those who are looking to avoid any fashion faux pas while lifting weights or running on the treadmill. It's...
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