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Natalie Portman is sorta see-through at Thor The Dark World London premiere

November is the place to be if you're going to launch a big movie this year, seeing as how CATCHING FIRE and THOR: THE DARK WORLD are poised to kick major movie ass at the box office. The only person that you might want to feel sorry for might be Vince Vaughn who is once again releasing a silly movie at a super inopportune time (anyone here actually marking their calendars for DELIVERY...
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Would you tap that? (Rooney Mara)

I can't remember off hand if the people behind the fashion image that is Calvin Klein go for the super skinny crap that has been debated recently after the head of Abercrombie & Fitch came out and talked smack about anyone who wears over a size 4 (or whatever nonsense that was). I just know that while Rooney Mara is a tender, wispy alien-looking woman who has been praised for her acting in...
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