Halsey wore her hair too short and her belt too high at the iHeart Awards

Speaking of bad hair styling choices, witness pop star Halsey and her look for the iHeartRadio Awards this weekend. I'll admit to not having much of an interest in what Halsey does to get famous. Such is the case with the bulk of pop stars nowadays. That said, I've usually been able to appreciate her credentials as a hottie. Even when she's done other weird shit with her look, it was usually...
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Victoria Justice's lovely face makes any evening unforgettable

Something that comes to mind whenever I go through a new set of Victoria Justice pics, like these of her at The Womens Cancer Fund's "An Unforgettable Evening" event, is how we've seen these all before. Girl has a way of replicating the same sorts of smiles, poses, and general expressions every time she gets in front of a camera. Yet the fascinating thing about this replication is how I...
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Hailee Steinfeld lends her lengthy legs to the selling of sandals

It took me a minute to notice the point of these pics of the adorable Hailee Steinfeld were to sell Reef sandals. So mystified and bedazzled by her perfect legs was I that the whole concept of advertising and celebrity endorsement escaped me completely. To be honest, I'm still having a little trouble paying attention to the point of these pics, for even when I manage to look away from her...
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Alison Brie combined her sexy dress with turtlenecks for the Sundance cold

I'm not sure what to think of the new do Alison Brie was rockin' at Sundance 2017, where they're screening her new movie THE LITTLE HOURS, in which Alison and her pals Kate Micucci and Aubrey Plaza , play emotionally unstable nuns in the Middle Ages. Aiight. That's a little weird. I can only assume Alison's hair is not for her nun movie, but the result of her work on the new Jenji...
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Jessica Alba doesn't need a bikini to look amazing

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that Jessica Alba is capable of being hot in any capacity. Girl has made herself a symbol of elegant sex appeal in recent years. Just take a look at her below at the Image Maker Awards last night. No heavy cleavage shows, no tight ass skirts with the ample leg showing. Yes, those are all great things to be sure, but looking at Jessica pretty much...
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Katy Perry looks like a Dreamsicle with extra creamy filling

It's hard to say which one is more tasty right now - the ice cold orange and cream deliciousness above, or Katy Perry dressed up kinda like that freezer treat. Yeah okay, there's no comparison. What kind of idiot is knowingly gonna pass up Katy for a damn popsicle? None I ever heard of. These pics are from a few months ago, when Katy was in Vegas selling shoes for some reason....
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Say it ain't so, Sophie Turner

The latest developments taking place in the Sophie Turner camp began a couple weeks ago, when the Game Of Thrones star posted the above pic to her Instagram, accompanied by the caption "I've done something." Today comes the inevitable debut of Sophie as a blonde. That's...yeah. It's Sophie alright. I'm gonna go ahead and assume this is something she's doing for one of her upcoming...
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Emma Stone brings the booty again, but has some trouble picking a hair color

We all know about the unexpected, if not delightful change in perspective that's taken place with Emma Stone lately. Time was it was all about her sweet face and auburn locks. Now, dat ass of hers is what people seem to be most inspired by. I too have grown quite fond of Emma's derriere, but I'm a little concerned about what's going on with her face and hair. It would appear she is...
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Blake Lively loves her mommy boobs even more than the rest of us do

Blake Lively is currently preggers with her second child by Ryan "Deadpool" Reynolds, as you can see in the gallery below. Normally such situations wouldn't interest me. I'm not one of those guys who gets off on pregnant women. Even ultra hotties like Blake tend to lose something once the parasitic lifeforms start to grow within them. I suspect there's some caveman psychology at work...
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Jennifer Lawrence looked more like Storm than Mystique at the X-Men premiere

I appreciate Jennifer Lawrence bringing the sideboob and the curvy bod in her elegant dress at the X-MEN: APOCALYPSE premiere. I'll take as much of this as she can dole out. What I can't understand is the thinking behind this styling trend wherein young women are dyeing their hair grey, as Jen was doing. Is there some secret desire among young women to temporary fast-forward to their...
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Krysten Ritter would like you to consider her

We have another couple months before the Emmy nominees are officially announced, but the push to get in on that celebrated list is in full swing. Among the ambitious lot making their "for your consideration" efforts for the big prize are the folks behind AKA Jessica Jones . I like the subtle reminder about how this is a Netflix show. Just in case it wasn't clear enough. Among JJ's Emmy...
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Jessica Chastain is a hit, even when her movies aren't

Well, I pretty much called it in regards to THE HUNTSMAN: WINTERS WAR. It was a huge bomb, both critically and at the box office. Was anyone expecting otherwise? I wonder about that sometimes. When they're in the process of making a movie like this, which no one asked for or particularly wanted, is it just kinda understood by all involved that they're investing their time and energies into...
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