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Paris Hilton figures she'll get attention again if she dresses up like Miley Cyrus

I suppose that I'm just putting my hand in the fire by caving to the desperate plea for attention that was Paris Hilton dressed up in the pre-stripped Miley Cyrus costume from her now-infamous VMAs appearance. Still, over the years, Paris has made it a priority to be out and about around the Halloween season, one of the few celebutards who makes dressing up in a Halloween costume as an...

Kaley Cuoco is the dog's best friend at the Amanda Foundation's Bow Wow Halloween event

Kaley Cuoco , a fellow Ventura County girl who has been spending a lot of time in the area while she competes in horse jumping competitions, showed up in Beverly Hills this past Sunday night for the Amanda Foundation's annual Bow Wow Halloween event, getting lots of love from the furry creatures in attendance. Cuoco was seen with her recent beau, very much NOT Superman Henry Cavill,...

TOWIE girls Jessica Wright and Billie Faiers put their treats into Halloween

Let's see... if you had to pick a couple of big breasted reality show tarts, would you rather go with the duo from "Snooki & J-Woww" or Jessica Wright and Billie Faiers from UK's reality hit, "The Only Way is Essex?" I don't have much experience watching either one of those programs but there's something about those English lasses which conveys that they might be just as ditzy as their US...

Vanessa Hudgens gets angelic for Halloween 2013

She's been cast as an angelic type of a gal for roles that Disney wanted her to play and she's been doing nothing but breaking free of that pre-fab role that they pigeoned her into but Vanessa Hudgens has been spending many years since breaking free of that shtick. So it's cute to see that she went back to her roots on Friday night, getting out her furry, fuzzy, feathery halo and wings,...

Hilary Duff dresses up as a sexy little mouse for an early Halloween

I'm trying to figure out the connection between Hilary Duff's cute little sexy mouse costume and her hubby Mike Comrie's choice of being a doctor. Perhaps the two of them were supposed to be a demented version of Pinky and the Brain while they attended the Casamigos Halloween party at Mike Meldman's home on Friday. I understand that while many normal people have to push their Halloween...

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