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Christina Milian is a total trick showing off her treats in Galore magazine

Don't get it twisted and think that I'm calling Christina Milian a trick as some kind of insult. In her brief interview with Galore magazine, Chrissy dishes on her upcoming role as Magenta in the Fox Live production of ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW and refers to herself as such when asked if she's a trick or a treat. This see-through nun costume she's wearing for the October issue is a serious...
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Carmen Electra pours the vodka and turns into Katy Perry

I know I can't be the only one to think that it's amusing that Carmen Electa's birth name, Tara Patrick, is the same as famous porn star Tera Patrick (who only changed the spelling from an A to an E after 2000). Electra certainly doesn't seem all that much more above taking her clothes off and having sex on camera for money. Especially after catching the 42-year old in a cheesy Katy Perry...
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Paris Hilton figures she'll get attention again if she dresses up like Miley Cyrus

I suppose that I'm just putting my hand in the fire by caving to the desperate plea for attention that was Paris Hilton dressed up in the pre-stripped Miley Cyrus costume from her now-infamous VMAs appearance. Still, over the years, Paris has made it a priority to be out and about around the Halloween season, one of the few celebutards who makes dressing up in a Halloween costume as an...
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Vanessa Hudgens gets angelic for Halloween 2013

She's been cast as an angelic type of a gal for roles that Disney wanted her to play and she's been doing nothing but breaking free of that pre-fab role that they pigeoned her into but Vanessa Hudgens has been spending many years since breaking free of that shtick. So it's cute to see that she went back to her roots on Friday night, getting out her furry, fuzzy, feathery halo and wings,...
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