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Halston Sage should be making sexy public appearances on a daily basis

I can't tell you how much I was hoping for a summer filled with Halston Sage bikini pics. The 23-year-old hottie seemed poised for a breakout season, loaded with image upon image of her awesome body in a variety of flattering swimwear. In the end, the closest thing we got were some bikini top set pics from her upcoming movie YOU GET ME; very few, in all honesty. This is one of...
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BOTB Zac's Girls: Halston Sage vs Michelle Rodriguez vs Vanessa Hudgens

There wasn't much interest in either the Battle of the Giant Babes last week or the movie, THE BFG, that it was based on. I know, it was poorly thought out and hastily constructed but you can't hold that against Spielberg forever, right? As for the tall ladies I featured in the column, Adrianne Palicki was your favorite, even if her career isn't. There's a lot more hope for the comedy...
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This is what a Halston Sage work day looks like

You often hear actors and actresses talking about the grueling conditions under which they work. While for the most part that may be true, these photos weren't taken from the set of The Revenant 2. No, these are from the set of YOU GET ME, a summer romance movie featuring more babes in skimpy bikinis than the upcoming BAYWATCH movie. Unlike the previous set photos which featured the...
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Hot or Not: Halston Sage

Last week I thought everyone would have a chance to go see KNOCK KNOCK and its, according to you, very hot star Lorenza Izzo. However, I can't find any box office numbers for the film, which still states it had an October 9th release date for theaters as well as VOD. Guess scaring up people who would believe Keanu Reeves in a horror flick is harder than I thought. Selling GOOSEBUMPS...
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Halston Sage is one hot up-and-comer

There's a whole fresh crop of young sexy up-and-comers that include hotties like Bella Thorne and Olivia Holt . But for my money, Halston Sage has the best chance to move on to bigger and better things. She already has a respectable list of major motion picture she's appeared in. It includes Paper Towns, Goosebumps and Neighbors – she's the one that kisses Rose Byrne...
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Halston Sage's cleavage makes me wanna scissor until I've rocked her Paper Towns

I do believe I've completely forgotten all about that one chick who's supposed to be the lead in PAPER TOWNS . Not only is Halston Sage's name easier to spell, she's the kind of drop dead beauty that inspires women to question their sexuality, even more than the model who's keen on playing either side of the fence. At the Los Angeles premiere of the movie, Sage was sparkling in a white...
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Hottie Halston Sage gets funky & cute for Seventeen magazine

There's a reason why you recognize Halston Sage . She's that lush-lipped sorority sister Brooke from NEIGHBORS, the one who cheats on Zac Efron with the creepy Franco (which is weird to say because James is pretty creepy too). She's also been a featured player on a show for Nickelodeon, something called "How to Rock," although it might as well have been called "How to be a show on Nickelodeon...
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Abercrombie hires Halston Sage, a rising star with boobs, not pecs

I'm a bit taken aback by the news that Abercrombie & Fitch have decided that they're not going full-on ambiguously gay-duo on the models they're featuring for the 2013 Rising Star launch. She might look like a corn-fed hottie and to be truthful, I like it. Halston Sage isn't just some pretty face model, she's also a singer and actress, having gotten her start on the Nickelodeon show, "How to...
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