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GQ and Terry Richardson take pictures of Emily Ratajkowski and holy $#!% oh my God

Pizza. Double Cheeseburgers. Emily Ratajkowski . Ice Cream. Emily Ratajkowski's boobs. Rockets. Emily Ratajkowski's last name. All of these things are among some of the best things in the world and Terry Richardson and GQ have compiled them all together for our enjoyment. So, thank you, GQ . Thank you, Terry Richardson . Thank you so much. GQ and Terry Richardson  are the best. Take...
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If Emily Ratajkowski isn't getting all over your face, she doesn't belong at your place

Isn't that how that slogan goes? Well it should be, particularly when discussing the delights of model Emily Ratajkowski , captured here in a fitting for her latest sexified Carl's Jr. commercial. Of course, that's Hardee's to all of you living east of the Rocky Mountains. It's also nonsense to folks living outside the US. For those of you clueless, these are the dual names of burger joints...
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