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Yellow is Emma Stone's color, but in a good way

I don't mean to be unkind to Emma Stone by implying in an old west way some flaw in her character where bravery goes. Nor do I hold it against her all this LA LA LAND promotion she's been doing lately, which has gone so far as to put her hand prints in front of the Chinese Theater. She's just doing her job as an enthusiastic booster for her movie. All that said, I'm already sick of hearing...
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Jessica Chastain has her hotness etched in stone

I'm amazed they have enough room for anymore celeb hand prints in front of Hollywood's famous Chinese Theater. I'm also just as amazed at how many companies have purchased naming rights to this place over the years. I still think of it as Mann's Chinese Theater. Before that it was Grauman's Chinese Theater. I'm pretty sure rights changed a few other times before the current rights holder,...
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Sandra Bullock makes her mark outside the famous Chinese Theater

She's got an Oscar, she's still the number one box office earning female leading star and she's turning the big 5-0 next July, so it's a bit of a surprise that it took until just this past Wednesday to see Sandra Bullock just now getting immortalized in front of the famous Chinese Theater (formerly Grauman's, the Mann, now TCL) down on Hollywood Boulevard in California....
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