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Derek Jeter's latest lady has a lot to hold onto for Zink magazine

As to whether Hannah Davis , the gorgeous 24-year old model who hails from the Virgin Islands, is still dating baseball legend Derek Jeter, the web results are unclear. Seems that Jeter had broken up with the model sometime in February of this year and then later reconciled with her. As recent as April the model was coyly quoted in interviews as being "very happy" when questioned...

Lucy Collett is always cooking up something big and tasty in her kitchen

It's kind of funny how Nuts slaps that "news" label onto their images of busty babes showing their stuff, as if they had reporters scouring the area for the latest on chicks with giant tits. I suppose their content is much more uplifting than the typical news feed nowadays. Lucy Collett is one of the many Nuts hotties who doesn't get enough attention in my opinion. Every week seems to bring...

Amy Adams gives us a gander at her body in Vanity Fair

  I don't know if you guys knew this, but I'm a big Amy Adams fan. Everything from her flaming red hair to her massive blue eyes to her silky white skin…I really enjoy this woman's beauty. Now with her about to appear in AMERICAN HUSTLE , I get to see Amy on the big screen and not in just little pictures on the computer. Not like I'm complaining. This'll...

The inevitable happened and now 138 water model Jaclyn Swedberg is posing topless

I knew it! I f*cking knew it! They said that I was crazy! They said that it would never happen!  But, for real, though, I was right. Although, I think this is it. Not only have I not received my free 138 bottled water yet, but I haven't received a personal thank you naked pic from ANY of these models, including Jaclyn Swedberg (pictured below). ANY of them… Even after all the free...

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