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Watch out for those wind gusts, Liv Tyler

You can really understand why celebs hate dudes with cameras when you see a moment like the one Liv Tyler had the other day, documented moment for moment and archived for years to come. For most women who have a wind gust up the dress experience in public, the moment passes fairly uneventfully. Maybe a few people on the street might see it, eliciting some chuckles or sneers here and there....
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Sandra Bullock makes her mark outside the famous Chinese Theater

She's got an Oscar, she's still the number one box office earning female leading star and she's turning the big 5-0 next July, so it's a bit of a surprise that it took until just this past Wednesday to see Sandra Bullock just now getting immortalized in front of the famous Chinese Theater (formerly Grauman's, the Mann, now TCL) down on Hollywood Boulevard in California....
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Lily Collins gets on her hands and knees for Norway

So, maybe THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES didn't do all that hot at the box office this weekend , but this is Norway for crying out loud! Those Norway-an peeps love them some fantasy (I'm an editor on Wikipedia for Norway, so I know what I'm talking about), so there's no doubt in my mind that the film will get the publicity and money it deserves. Anyway, here we can see Lily Collins...
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Kaley Cuoco's privacy is ruined, but at least we get some nice leg pics out of it

Poor Kaley Cuoco . Imagine going into the salon and getting those putrid Hobbit feet of yours worked on when suddenly, SNAP! Paparazzi gets  a camera roll full of you at your most vulnerable. Must suck. That's probably why Kaley is lacking in the happy department in the first few  pictures, but as soon as we change the scene to outside, she's all smiles. I'm not too...
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