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Saoirse Ronan gets wet for her Interview

This Interview Magazine spread is a rare moment of titillation from Saoirse Ronan , who's usually much more reserved in her presentation. I've always respected how modest she's been up to now. I remember being struck with how majestic-looking she is, like someone from another time who just stepped out of an old portrait somewhere - an old soul somehow transported centuries into the future....
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Face Off: Dakota Fanning vs. Saoirse Ronan

It was a landslide last week for Jennifer Connelly over Alyssa Milano . That's surprising. I love Jennifer too, but I'm surprised at the lopsided vote. I'd give them a little more even split. We posted those pics of Dakota Fanning and her surprisingly womanly body the other day. Seems like that put her in a whole new light for some of you. Anyway, her process of transition from...
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Hot or Not: Saoirse Ronan

You'll have to forgive me if I don't bother with hating on Tyler Perry movies like so many are consumed with doing. The man has his thang and he works it and it sells. End of story. However, I have a really, really hard time supporting Stephenie Meyer. You can smell just how much they're trying to sever the connection of THE HOST from the TWILIGHT series, betting on bringing in some...
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The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest ABC Family Chicks

I'm writing this as I prep myself for another new episode of "Pretty Little Liars." Hell, I could have done this entire sexy 10 spot on the women from that show alone but in good conscience, I had to include some of the other fine faces that have come from shows we would have never tuned into because they were on ABC Family... except all of us have a little twistedness in us regarding how close...
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